This Business is For Sale!

This Manufacturing business is for Sale!


Have you ever dreamed of starting, owning, or running your own business. Have you ever thought how nice it might be to be your own boss – of setting your own work schedules – of benefiting from your own ideas put into practice?

– – OR – –

Are you already a manufacturer of industrial tools and / or tooling who is considering expanding your present product line?

If so, the following could be of interest to you!

The concepts leading to this company’s product line (The Spin L Mate line of tools) became a reality during the middle years of World War II, The developer was my  father, a manufacturing engineer. After the war,  The John W, Row Company of Berrien Springs, Michigan, was doing precision machining of aluminum and zinc alloy die castings. For his own use he made a few of his Taper Socket Preparation tools to do a job he had identified during the earlier years of that infamous war, The ideas he had, and the prototypes he produced worked very well! The hand tools did their intended job quickly, safely, and reproducibly – from machine to machine and from machinist to machinist!.

In about 1978 I acquired my Father’s shop and product line and have been so busy since that acquisition. Before that acquisition. I had been slowly building my equipment  inventory so had a small Home Based machine shop which now resides in my large garage. This business has been a one man and one wife business for about 38 years though the product line has been in production for about 70 years.

Previous Spin-L-Mate names included TAPER SOcket CLEANer which later became known, world wide as SPIN-L-MATE, the trade name that is still in use today.

YES! There have been a few who have decided that they could do the same job more cheaply but none of those that we knew of lasted but a few months each. The reason? They include the major fact that “cutting corners” is seldom, if ever, successful  There are many reasons why our unique product has remained while several others have fallen by the wayside. But those reasons can wait for another time and can be discussed later.

The tools were at one time patented but those patents have expired many years ago. Frankly, patents have very limited use in today’s environment. Again, the reasons are many and the replacements for protection are readily available to any who wish to employ them. The good thing is: Patent Attorneys are not needed for employing these other means of manufacturing protection!

If you have an interest of having your own manufacturing business, and you  like the idea of controlling your own future, this could be an excellent opportunity worth considering.

Now, for my answer to the “WHY”  question in the title of this notice – I am nearing 80 years old and am ready to slow down to a more leisurely life and I have other ideas as  to how I’d prefer to utilize my shop space! It’s as simple as that! This all to say – I’m getting tired

If you wish to know a bit more – go to our website – – www.Spindlemate,com   If that has you wishing to know even more, give us a call at toll free 888-895-9904 or 303-838-0372.

Jim Row – Owner & Gen. Mgr..

Spindle Mate Company