Replacement Blade Types

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“ST” Blades – –

These “Standard” blades, Black or Dark Blue in color, are the blades used in Spin L Mate tools for every day use for preparation of the spindle socket prior to the insertion of tooling into the taper socket. These blades are a soft , non-absorbent, plastic material that work like a squeegee on a window, wiping both solid and liquid materials from the inside of the taper socket. The removed material can then be easily and quickly wiped off of the blades with a shop wiper. “ST” replacement blades are packaged in sets of 3 blades per package.

“VR” Blades – –

The “Varnish Removal” blades, Yellow in color, are the blades used about once each 60 to 90 days to loosen and shred the inevitable accumulated shop varnish (from natural oxidation Of cutting and lubricating materials that find their way into the taper sockets. It is this, tough, tenaciously glued to the interior surface into which small chips and debris imbed themselves and are virtually impossible to remove. When the “ST” blades are used to remove such stuck in debris, the varnish glues the debris to the surface making this unwanted material nearly impossible to remove. It is found that the regular use of “VR” blades at 60-90 day intervals virtually eliminates this ever present and recurring problem of the build up of “shop varnish”. “VR” replacement blades are packaged in sets of 3 blades – 1 “scrubber/shredder blade” and 2 “follower blades” in each package.

“EP” Blades – – “Emergency Preparation”

blades are designed to become part of any repair of the interior surface of a taper socket – whether the repair be hand stoning to remove a high spot or a complete surface regrind to tolerances measured in millionths of an inch. “EP” blades are brownish red in color. The purpose of these blades is NOT to repair a damaged taper socket, rather, they are part of a total repair procedure. The use of these blades helps to insured the optimal reseating of tooling in a taper socket after a repair has been made. Their use helps to insure that the work hardened area around a dent in a taper socket is prepared to wear in and disappear rather than to “key into” the surface of the mating male taper shanks. The process of use is described in the Spindle Mate Instructions for Users of the Spindle Mate tools which are supplied with each new Spin L Mate tool. “EP” blades are packaged in sets of 6 blades per